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About Us

Do you never come to a folk club because you don't know what it's like?

Well, here goes...  We have two different kinds of night at Northwich Folk Club (as do many folk clubs) - Guest Nights and Singers Nights.

At the former, we invite a guest to perform for us. This could be a local, national or international artist (solo or band) and they're often exceptionally good at what they do. They can be great singers and musicians, song-writers, story-tellers, comedians and they're often very knowledgable - and approachable! You can usually talk to our guests after the show.

The other kind of night - Singers Nights - are where we entertain each other, a chance for anyone to have a go - or to just listen in a relaxed atmosphere, and be sociable too. We do expect people to have practised before hand but that's about all (like an Open Mike but without the mike).

We also run special sessions for all abilities, themed on Tunes, Simple Songs or Skiffle - music and/or chords provided - so if you are less sure about performing solo, you can build up your confidence in a friendly atmosphere. Have a look in What’s On or Columbine to see when they are happening.

 First time visitors to a Singers' Night get in for free so you can get an idea of what goes on. And you don't have to be a member. Come and give it a go. SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!