7:30 at the Polish Club

 Dave’s Singing for Dance Session.


Dave will teach both simple continental  dance  steps  and  the  songs  to  go  with  them.   The words and tunes are  available on the website here; words will be available at the session

Followed at 8:30 by Singers Night

 Coming Up..................

This Week 24th January 2020

31st January 8:30 at the Harlequin

 John Kirkpatrick   £10 (£8 Mem) Master of the melodeon, the button accordion, and the anglo concertina, John  is  one  of  the  most  prolific  figures  on  the  English  folk scene, performing solo, in duos, acoustic groups and electric bands,  and  has  established  an  enviable  reputation  as  an instrumental  virtuoso  and  session  musician,  as  well  as  a leading interpreter of English folk music. https://www.johnkirkpatrick.co.uk/

Supported by ‘The Crowther Crew’, Sophie, Lottie & Eric.

 7th February 8:30 at the Harlequin

Charity Challenge Singers Night   Once again we are asking you to sponsor a fellow member to sing a song. Minimum donation £3 if it’s a song they do already, £5 if it’s new (you will need the singer’s agreement). There will be a book passing round at the club to fill in your requests :all proceeds to St Luke’s.

Sunday 9th February at the Lord Eldon

Following the successful session at Knutsford Music Festival in the summer,  another afternoon Traditional  and Folk Session at The Lord Eldon Inn,  27 Tatton St, Knutsford WA16 6AD

14th February 8:30 at the Harlequin

 Granny’s  Attic £10  (£8  Mem)

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne (Melodeon, Concertina, Vocals),George  Sansome  (Guitar,  Vocals)  and  Lewis  Wood  (Fiddle,Mandolin, Vocals)  are a folk trio who play the tradition with verve,  energy  and  their  own  inimitable  style.  These  three young men are all exceptional musicians and fine singers and play English traditional and original music. https://www.grannysattic.org.uk/

21st February 7:30 at the Harlequin

Steve’s  Tunes  Session. Steve will be including some Morris tunes in preparation for our visit from the Earl of Stamford Morris. Followed at 8:30 by Singers Night.

28th February 8:30 at the Polish Club

 Morris On Singers Night Featuring  The  Earl  of  Stamford  Morris,  who  will  be  dancing and joining us in our singaround.

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