8:30 at the Harlequin


Themed Singers Night -  Songs for Joining In  

Our usual singers night, but tonight we are encouraging songs for the audience to join in with your voice, instrument or both. (Ok, most of you need little encouragement!). Come along and help us raise the rafters!

Your Host: Pete

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This Week 6th December 2019

13th December 8:30 at the Harlequin

 Singers Night

20th December 8:30 at the Harlequin

 Northwich Folk Club Christmas Party

  Cracker Jokes - Cold Buffet  

Optional Fancy Dress with a “Festive” theme!

27th December 8:30 at the Harlequin

 Chilled Out, Warm In Session

  Free Admission

3rd January 7:30 at the Harlequin

 Dave Giles’s Harmony Session   Followed at 8:30 by Singers Night

10th January 8:30 at the Harlequin

The Waite Collective   £6 (£5 Mem)  Mal Waite and her two daughters Rebecca Holmes and Katrina Turner, each with an “exceptional” voice, sing with belief and commitment. Their obvious enjoyment in singing and performing together spills over to include the audience in the warm rapport they clearly have together. https://www.facebook.com/thewaitecollective/

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