8:30 at the Harlequin

Themed Singers Night: Trains

 This week we will be having one of our occasional 'Themed' Singers night. Your host will be Dave and he has decided he would like  'Trains'  as this evening’s theme (Quelle surprise!) Have a look through your back catalogue and see what you can come up with.


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This Week 16th August 2019

23rd August 8:30 at the Harlequin

 Singers Night

(Columbine has this down in error as Steve’s Tunes Session, which is actually on 6th September: apologies)

30th August 8:30 at the Harlequin

Codswallop £7 (£6 Mem) Based in Northwich, Adi, Iain, Terry and Jayne have the ability to talk a load of old Codswallop, so the name was a no brainer.They enjoy playing "Acoustic Nonsense for the Masses", wherever they are  allowed. Expect to enjoy a variety of instruments and to join in with some lively singing! https://www.facebook.com/musicalnonsense/

6th September 7:30 at the Polish Club

Steve’s Tunes Session Bring your instrument and join in. All levels welcome, music/chords will be provided. Followed at 8:30 by Singers Night

13th - 27th September

Northwich Folk Fortnight

13th September 8:30 at the Harlequin

Dave Ellis & Boo Howard £8 (£6 Mem) Two seasoned,  wholly  in-tune  musicians  and  songwriters:  the songs are intelligently constructed, elegantly articulated and never less than entertaining, drawing on influences from both the folk world and the rock scene they were involved in for so long. http://www.daveandboo.com

Saturday 14th September 10:00am

at the Lion Salt Works

(Lion  Salt  Works,  Ollershaw  Ln,  Marston,  Northwich  CW9 6ES)

Songwriting Workshop with Dave and Boo £10  Space is limited, so booking advised. There  will also be free polishing-up sessions at 8pm in the Harlequin bar on Wed 18 Sept and Wed 25 Sept.

20th September 8:30 at the Lion Salt Works

Merry Hell Acoustic £12.50 (£11 Mem)


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27th September 8:30 at the Harlequin

Singers Night:- Songwriters

Either your own song (maybe from the Workshop?) or a song by your favourite songwriter.

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