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Notice of Northwich Folk Club Annual General Meeting 2024

Members are invited to attend the Northwich Folk Club Annual General meeting on

Friday 5th April 2024 7.15 pm

The Royal British Legion Social Club

Firth Fields, Davenham, Northwich


(followed by a Singers Night)



Minutes of previous AGM for approval

Chairman’s report

Treasurer’s report

Election results

Discussion points

Members’ items



Proposal to delete all reference to the Club’s notice board in Sections 10c and 10d.

The proposed changes are shown below. The Committee proposes this amendment because the Club no longer has a notice board.

Current members of the committee

Pete Thompson (Chairman)

Lin Tysoe ('This Week' Bulletin)

Nick Tysoe (Website and Columbine newsletter)

Dave Vaughan (Guest accommodation)

Steve Wilde (Treasurer)

Brenda Yates (Secretary)



Steve Wilde and Brenda Yates will be standing down from the committee. Both are available for re-election.

Members are invited to make nominations by email to or on paper to the Secretary in person or by post to 34 Shores Green Drive, Wincham, Northwich CW9 6EE by Friday 15th March.

Committee members carry out a variety of duties and share the responsibilities of running the club. It is expected that committee members will run nights. The Committee meets quarterly, sometimes more often, to review and plan.

If there is more than one nomination, members will receive a brief description of the contribution nominees feel they can make to running the club and will be invited to vote online.


Proposed changes to Section 10 of NFC Constitution for 2024 AGM

To remove reference to the notice board while permitting written nominations.

c) Forty-two days before the AGM a list shall be placed on the Association’s notice board and website, and notified to Members according to Paragraph 13, indicating the current members of the Committee, their offices, their availability for re-election, and the date by which any nomination is to be made. The list shall remain in place until twenty-one days before the AGM, and having confirmed the nominee’s willingness to stand, any member of the Association is entitled to write any nomination on such list, or alternatively send the nomination to the Secretary electronically or in writing. All nominations will require a proposer and seconder. Nominees must have current Membership of the Association of at least 12 months standing.

d) Fourteen days before the AGM, a list of nominations and the agenda shall be posted on the Association’s notice board and website, and notified to Members according to Paragraph 13 .


Hope to see you there.

Brenda, Lin, Dave, Nick, Steve and Pete